Sydney Jaffe’s your typical teenager. She goes to school, studies, does homework … except she balances that with music, all while being a high school senior. Wanting a music career is a dream she’s had since she was 6, when she began performing in music theater shortly after she saw Mamma Mia! That pushed her to take singing, acting, and dance lessons, until she was 13, when she started being unhappy with performing. She and her parents found Loft Sound Studio in Long Island, where she began recording covers. “It just felt so much more natural than those rehearsals for all of my plays and musicals,” Sydney says. “I felt like I belonged in that space.”

Sydney doesn’t just want a career in music, she wants to make an impact with her songs, and inspire other people like her influences inspired her. She lists Demi Lovato and Pink (for their authenticity and willingness to be themselves), and girl groups Little Mix and Fifth Harmony as favorites, because she’s “into female power and fighting for what you believe in. I love seeing strong women in groups making amazing music,” Sydney says. But she’s also influenced by Ed Sheeran, because he doesn’t look like everyone else in the industry. And that quality speaks to a revelation Sydney had in 2016.

All teenagers, especially girls, experience insecurities with their bodies, and Sydney wasn’t any different. She didn’t think she looked like her friends, and didn’t think of herself as someone boys would want to talk to romantically -- until she lost 25 pounds, and noticed a change in how people responded to her. “It made me more aware of how people look at you based on how you look, instead of what you have to say, or your ideas,” Sydney says.

A music artist must have determination and be highly motivated, and that’s something Sydney has in spades, adding “When I find something that I love, and I’m determined to get to a point, I will stop at nothing to get to that point.”

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